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2007 Funded Projects

Girls, Math & Science Partnership, a program of the Carnegie Science Center in collaboration with Community Day

Edward and Rose Berman Hillel Jewish University Center

Gwen’s Girls

UCP/Strong Women, Strong Girls

The Weiner Na’amat Pittsburgh Center for
Women’s Health, Karmiel, Israel

The Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

Girls, Math & Science Partnership, a program of the Carnegie Science Center in collaboration with Community Day

The Girls, Math & Science Partnership is committed to the elimination of barriers that discourage girls from becoming full participants in the science and technology workforce. This project implements, for the first time, a holistic approach to gender equity in an entire school, Community Day. By doing a teacher training, parent workshop and simultaneously engaging students in hands-on activities, Community Day can experience gender equity in action and develop a common language around encouraging their girls to sustain interest in math and science. It is believed that this will impact the school, including every student, not just the girls, as well as the administrators, educators and parents who want to see them reach their full potential.

The program will utilize The Girl Solution: A Gender Equity Toolkit, which is based on research about educating girls, funded in part by the Heinz Endowments. Called relationship science, the methodology is an approach for any educator to use with girls in the fourth through eighth grades to engage and sustain interest in math and science.

Edward and Rose Berman Hillel Jewish University Center

This is the second year for the “Of Mind and Body” program, which was organized and led by Hillel student members and addressed issues of body image, relationships, sexuality and women's health for college age women. Junior and senior members of Hillel mentored freshmen and sophomores and included them in the planning and implementation of the program.

Gwen’s Girls

Much of the information adolescents use to form future goals, attain an education and land a job is derived from their own social location. That is, the adolescents’ gender, race and social class play a large role in shaping their childhood experiences – as well as how they come to see their place in the larger, future world. Adolescents from lower income families and communities fare worse in education and labor markets than their middle and upper-class counterparts, and African American adolescents worse than other racial and ethnic groups

Gwen’s Girls is expanding their career education program by creating and implementing an equity-based career education program and developing a career resource manual for girls and their mothers/primary caretakers. They will supplement their current career education program with information, discussions and activities that address issues of gender, race and social class inequalities.

Gwen’s Girls will use many resources to develop the program and manual, including research that was undertaken with their girls and mothers asking them about their career aspirations, understandings of career pathways and their social economic resources, which was funded by the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest PA.

UCP/Strong Women, Strong Girls

UCP, in partnership with Strong Women, Strong Girls, has developed a new initiative to set the stage for the full inclusion of girls with disabilities into all SWSG programming. Strong Women Strong Girls helps low-income elementary school girls develop skills for lifelong success through a weekly after-school program that includes skill-building activities, studies of female role models and service-learning projects. College undergraduate women serve as mentors to the girls.

UCP kids and SWSG have identified a pilot group at Sunnyside School in the Pittsburgh Public School district and will develop an SWSG mentoring group that will include girls with disabilities. UCP Kids will also serve as a resource for SWSG to connect with successful women with disabilities who can serve as guest speakers and act as role models for all girls participating in the group.

For this pilot program, expected outcomes include demonstrating that girls with disabilities can successfully participate in SWSG activities with appropriate supports and providing opportunities to establish a policy of inclusion within all SWSG groups, including at a national level.

The Weiner Na’amat Pittsburgh Center for Women’s Health, Karmiel, Israel

This is a third year grant for the “Towards a Healthy Future” project. Its goal is to provide information and tools to facilitate healthy teenage lifestyle choices. Main issues addressed include sex education, peer pressure, body image, and the education of parents and educators to recognize when problems occur.

The Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

This grant will fund an initaitive to expand and enhance the “Dangerous Choices Support Group.” The program will now include three additional group sessions on wireless technology safety for victims of dating violence, train their support group facilitators on wireless technology safety, train group facilitators on cell phone safety, deliver support groups to three high schools in Pittsburgh on how technology impacts dating violence, allow the purchase of 4 laptop computers, and implement 9 support groups in 3 high schools on the impact of wireless technology on dating and domestic violence.




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