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2006 Funded Projects

Allegheny County Girls as Grantmakers program

Angel’s Place, Inc.

Community Day

Edward and Rose Berman Hillel Jewish University Center

Magee Womancare International

PROGRESS at Carnegie Mellon

The Weiner Na’amat Pittsburgh Center
for Women’s Health, Karmiel, Israel

Allegheny County Girls as Grantmakers program

JWF provided second year funding for the collaboration with the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania and the FISA Foundation. A diverse group of girls (8th to 10th graders) were selected to learn about philanthropy, set grantmaking priorities, develop and market their own Request for Proposals, run workshops for potential grantees, present and vote on proposals and manage grants they give to other girls in the community.

Angel’s Place, Inc.

Angel’s Place provides the opportunity for single, low-income student parents to complete their education and secure employment to become self-sufficient. The JWF grant supported a program to provide parenting classes to teach young mothers how to engage their children in literacy. In addition, it provided the agency with the ability to implement new teaching practices in the area of literacy.

Community Day

A third year grant was given which enabled Community Day to continue its work on the leadership curriculum. This project involved refinement of the Empowering Girls curriculum based upon the integration of feedback and reflection emerging from the curriculum's pilot implementation in the three private day schools, integration of Judaic content/themes/references throughout the curriculum and creation of a student workbook that incorporates actual activities chosen by students experiencing the curriculum.

Edward and Rose Berman Hillel Jewish University Center

This program, “Of Mind and Body” was organized and led by Hillel student members and addressed issues of body image, relationships, sexuality and women's health for college age women. Junior and senior members of Hillel mentored freshmen and sophomores and included them in the planning and implementation of the program.

Magee Womancare International

A grant was given for a program to help facilitate a healthy transition from childhood to adulthood for Somali Bantu teen girls. Magee identified 15 Somali high school girls in the Pittsburgh community, almost all of whom were born and raised in the refugee camps of Kenya, to explore critical themes identified by the group to help each girl get to know more about herself and her health, understand community resources and how to access them and facilitate her undefined leadership role within the household.

PROGRESS at Carnegie Mellon

This project targeted girls between the ages of 7 to 12 years of age and worked with regional partners to teach young girls and adolescents the problem-solving and communication skills inherent to successful negotiation. Through the development of a negotiation computer game, CMU targeted young girls to overcome socialized behaviors that may be hindering the progress of women as they become adults and enter the workforce. PROGRESS partnered with CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center to develop an “edutainment” software program to transform their content on learning to negotiate into a fun, interactive and engaging game.

The Weiner Na’amat Pittsburgh Center for Women’s Health, Karmiel, Israel

A second year grant was funded which focused on two separate groups: girls at risk who share backgrounds of abuse or disenfranchisement from society who may be sexually promiscuous and may have encountered forms of substance abuse and participants of a young leadership program to train them to become future youth leaders to new immigrants and those from deprived background.




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