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The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Greater Pittsburgh funds non-profit organizations in Allegheny County, PA. Grants benefit women and girls in the Jewish and general communities and are made on a yearly basis. For its 2017 funding cycle, JWF will offer two programs: its traditional Small Grants Program and the new Start-Up Grants Program.

Small Grants Program

For its 2017 funding cycle, JWF is particularly interested in funding innovative programs that address the economic security needs of women and girls. However, innovative proposals in other areas impacting the lives of women and girls will be considered.

Start-Up Grants Program

For its 2017 funding cycle, JWF wishes to fund work that is taking new and innovative approaches to addressing the needs of women and girls and is requesting brief two-page proposals from fledgling non-profit organizations (budgets less than $500,000) and for new programs from any non-profit organizations.

Decision Making

The trustees of the Foundation are the decision makers in all aspects of the grantmaking process. Trustees determine the funding focus, review the proposals and ultimately make the decision of which proposals will be funded by the Foundation and the level of funding the projects will receive.

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