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Vision Statement
Guided by Jewish values, we envision an enduring model of compassionate
social activism driven by and for women and girls.

Mission Statement
To enrich the lives of women and girls in our community and to educate
women on the power of their personal philanthropy.

Values Statements

The Jewish Women’s Foundation will model the behavior that it intends to instill in the community, with emphasis on women and girls in leadership roles.

The Jewish Women’s Foundation values inclusion and active participation on the part of its trustees.

The Jewish Women’s Foundation funds organizations and programs that share our vision and values.

The Jewish Women’s Foundation places a funding priority on a) quality over quantity, and 2) proposals that hold promise of long-term, transformational community impact.

The Jewish Women’s Foundation values working toward repairing the world (Tikkun Olam) with an obligation to the entire community, not just our own.



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